Dana Borisova: “Andrew said he has no desire to divorce!”

Дана Борисова: «Андрей сказал, что у него нет желания разводиться!»
The TV presenter carried a statement to the Registrar.

Дана Борисова: «Андрей сказал, что у него нет желания разводиться!»

Dana Borisova

Photo: instagram Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova filed a petition for divorce, however, in unilateral
okay, so as her husband – Andrey Troshchenko, could not accompany

“You can congratulate me with the end of a marriage, told 7days.ru
Dana. — Last time we talked with my husband two months ago, and for
this time the feelings have cooled completely. Yesterday I called Andrew and
asked to go with me to the Registrar, he said that he has no desire
to do this, Yes and no. I would not want to delay the divorce, want
to do everything as quickly as possible. During the day, decided this question —
gathered all the documents and took him to the magistrate. Our relationship long ago
finished, just had to draw it on paper. We have no common
property and children, so that disputes in the divorce will not.”

for future plans, TV presenter admitted that now
time devotes to his daughter, and a new relationship not even thinking.

you know, I expected negative reactions to my divorce, but it all came together
otherwise, ” says Dana. — I get a lot of congratulations, flowers and
confessions of love, even more than before marriage. To say that I second
again I want to marry is would not be true. Male attention is enough for me, but I
not yet ready for a new relationship”.

Dana with her daughter Pauline

Photo: instagram Dana Borisova

We will remind, the message that Borisov parted with her husband,
came just 8 months after their wedding. TV presenter not
began to blame Andrew in that marriage did not work out.

“Yes, I really was getting a divorce,” said Dana. — My husband —
a lovely person, but, as it turned out, living with me is impossible! We broke up
nicely, today, for example, to decide the question of community
the property…”

Recall, the wedding
Dana and Andrew played in June last year. The celebration lasted several
days, and for each y Borisova was a new white dress. The girl is always so
wanted to marry and many times imagined how it would be, apparently,
decided to implement all scripts of the celebration at once.

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