Jessica Biel has banned her husband to work with Britney Spears because of jealousy

Джессика Бил запретила мужу работать с Бритни Спирс из-за ревности

Shooting Justin Timberlake in the Comedy “bad teacher” was given by the wife of musician-actor is not easy. The fact is that on the set he needed to frequently interact with the actress with whom he had a long-lasting relationship. But Justin remained true to his new fiancée, and proved that an affair with Cameron Diaz long gone.

Now Jessica has experienced a new attack of the former passion of her husband. This time its cooperation Timberlake invited his teenage love Britney Spears.

As told by the informant, the Princess of the pop scene believes that im with Justin now it would be extremely interesting to collaborate and create something new and unusual.

Timberlake was almost fell for the bait, but Gets pulled hubby back, noting that it would be extremely strange, especially after what happened between them”.

“Justin’s career is now in complete order, and it makes no sense to work with Britney,” writes press. As for Spears, she, observers believe, is not in need of a joint project with Timberlake: “She needs to leave Justin and Jessica alone.”

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