Nikolay Noskov reunited with loved ones

Николай Носков воссоединился с близкими Over a long period of time, the singer and composer was in a medical facility. Wrote that Nikolay Noskov was in the hospital in serious condition with a suspected stroke. Recently, representatives of the actor spoke about his condition.
Николай Носков воссоединился с близкими

In March last year in the media appeared information that Nikolay Noskov was in the hospital because of a blood clot. A star was placed in the hospital “Lapino” in the Odintsovo district, where he was prescribed a course of intensive therapy. It was reported that the actor prepped for surgery. Over a long period of time, the representatives Noskova refrained to comment on his condition, what provoked the discussion in social networks. Fans of Nicholas was not a little alarmed.

In mid-February, representatives Noskova got in touch with the connoisseurs of his work. They were quick to reassure fans of the performer. It is reported that Nicholas left the medical facility and reunited with loved ones.

“Summer vacation”. Such a title describes this post! Friends, you have been waiting for the news from us, on a daily basis received numerous letters with questions like: “How is Nikolai?”And finally we can tell you that Nikolay Noskov at home, in the family circle! Thank you for your prayers and love and thanks for signing the petition, awarding the title “Honored artist” will be considered at the expert Council again!”in the official community artist in social networks.
Николай Носков воссоединился с близкими

Fans of Nicholas thanked the administrators group for the information and wished him to quickly go on the amendment. “Native walls treated. We are really excited and looking forward to this. All will be well” “Speedy recovery”, “All the benefits and durability of the spirit”, “I Think after suffering, you can forget about gigs, any gig is a stress, need rest. He spent his whole life on the stage, give the person to rest,” – commented the fans of a celebrity.

For the time that Socks, according to media reports, was undergoing treatment after a spinal stroke and the blood clot removal in the cervical, in his family happened replenishment. The contractor became a grandfather for the second time – the only daughter of the actor Ekaterina gave birth to a granddaughter. This became known at the end of December last year.

It should be noted that many concerned fans of Nikolay Noskov require to assign him the title of “Honored artist”. Fans of the musician have created a petition addressed to the Ministry of culture and the state Duma. According to them, the officials wrongly denied the representatives of the singer when they applied for the award.

“For millions of Russian and foreign spectators Nikolay Noskov is an example of the highest professionalism and devotion to his job. His beautiful voice can not be confused with one another! For many years, he gives the audience the pleasure of meeting a real art, puts his heart into every song and rightfully earned people’s love!”– the statement says fans of the star, which was signed by over four thousand people.