Police are investigating a brutal attack on DJ Smash

Полиция расследует жестокое нападение на DJ Smash The weekend ended sadly for a famous musician. On DJ Smash attacked in the city of Perm, broke his jaw a severe blow. Many fellow artists have publicly supported it, and in fact causing the star injuries, a criminal case.
Полиция расследует жестокое нападение на DJ Smash

Last week in one of the bars of Perm there was an attack on Andrey Shirman, better known as DJ Smash. The actor broke his jaw, so he can’t speak. All Internet circled the photos, which captured the musician in a hospital bed with bruises.

In the Network appeared photo DJ Smash after beating in Perm

Upon incident law enforcement officers started checking. On Tuesday it became known that the police opened a criminal case. About it reported in a press-service of Ministry of internal Affairs of Perm. Currently under the investigation of the crime.

“On February 12 in the police Department № 6 (dislocation Leninsky district) Department of the MIA of Russia in the city of Perm from the citizen born in 1982, it was reported that on 10 February in one of the institutions of the city he was injured. The Department of investigation on the given fact criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by part 1 of article 112 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation “Deliberate causing of average weight of harm to health” – said in a statement on the website of the local authority.

According to some, Andrew asked about sharing photos, to which he refused. After that a fight ensued in the incident interfered with the security staff of the bars. After receiving first aid, the musician flew to Moscow. Now schirman is one of the capital’s hospitals, where he underwent surgery on the face. DJ Smash says that he was beaten eks-the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Alexander Telepnev, but he denied any involvement in the attack on the artist.

What happened with DJ Smash angered many representatives of show business. Andrew was supported by rapper TIMATI, Nastasya Samburski, Natalia Rudova, Gosha Kutsenko, the soloist SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina, Oleg Miami, Leonid Zakoshansky, Le Havre Gordeyev, the former participant reality show “House-2” Olga Sun and others. They demand to punish the person that allowed himself to raise his hand to Andrew.

“Boxers who use their skills for other purposes, and deputies in excess of his authority, this is our reality. How to deal with it? Probably need to stop to shoot civilians, stray dogs and to direct their attention to these creatures. Andrew, get well soon! Just think, this is due to the fact that the person refused to be photographed,” says Samburski.
Полиция расследует жестокое нападение на DJ Smash

Olga Seryabkina noted that worried about DJ Smash. The singer admitted that she was faced with unpleasant situations, when the fans behave inappropriately. Recently at one of the concerts a fan of Olga began to clamber on stage, what really scared her.

“Most of all I was knocked off balance, literally and figuratively, he firmly grabbed my leg and started to drag down. Almost immediately ran up guards, and at this point he grabbed me even stronger, and I was totally lost. I felt instant panic, in my head flashed the thought that he might have something in his hand. (…) Unfortunately, people sometimes come to the concert to have fun, and to vent their rage and mud – shared Seryabkina. – If you see that someone needs help, please do not pass by”.

In turn, TIMOTHY was published in social networks record with one of the surveillance cameras. The artist has suggested that assaulted DJ Smash could be put in jail for 3-5 years. According to the rapper, there are several witnesses who can confirm the guilt of Alexander telepneva. “I wish I was there that night. But nothing, the world is round, everything comes back, the next time you, “MP”, may be in a difficult situation,” wrote TIMOTHY in Instagram, demanding to punish the offender of the DJ.

TV presenter Leonid Zakoshansky admitted that he could not remain indifferent to what has happened with his old friend. In the opinion of men, history is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

“Is this Telepnev so insignificant that beating artist’s witnesses so brazenly lying? So, what we have. The enraged Timur, who beat friend, and I understand righteous anger. A recording in which nothing is visible. 10 witnesses from the side of DJ Smash, which can confirm that the Deputy beat him, even though he kind of said that the first blow was struck not Telepnev, and his buddy. On the other hand, the presumption of innocence, which is, thank God, works in our country, and only a court can convict a person for a particular crime, and before all the charges are unsubstantiated,” said Zakoshansky.