Пугачева нашла врачей для друга, спасающего жену от рака The singer was not past the grief, what happened to the wife of the composer Alexey Malakhov. The diva and the musician introduced once Philip. Since then, they have collaborated in the repertoire Pugacheva were the hits “Under one flag”, “Penny”.
Пугачева нашла врачей для друга, спасающего жену от рака

Five years ago my wife Svetlana Malakhova was diagnosed with brain cancer. The disease is revealed at an early stage. Alex was treating his wife in Kiev, then she went through chemotherapy in Rome. The disease subsided, in 2016, the couple had a daughter Mary… After learning that the wife had a relapse, Alex burst into tears. “I’m terribly embarrassed to ask for help publicly, used to make my own way, – says “StarHit” Malakhov. – Wrote only Alla Borisovna and Philip. Called for advice to Diana Gurtskaya. And she said to me: “Alex, it’s not a shame to save a person, especially a loved one”. After that made posts on social networks.”

Composer Alexey Malakhov saves wife from cancer

Learning that in a family the author had the trouble again, Alla reacted instantly.

“It was the hour of the night, but she immediately wrote me a support message and in the end he said, “Call me tomorrow. “Stay there,” – with a smile. That’s a line from a song I wrote for her” – says the “StarHit” composer.
Пугачева нашла врачей для друга, спасающего жену от рака

Alexei is now in touch with the singer almost every day. At the end of last week, he and his wife flew from Kiev to Moscow. “Alla Borisovna learned for I phone Israeli doctors, was advised to go to him, continues Malakhov. – Promised to help, if need be, and financially. I am grateful to her for everything – attention, responsiveness, and participation…»

On a cry for help, responded and the other star friends.

“Andrey Malakhov called, tied with Elena Malysheva, she agreed with one of the best doctors of Moscow, – continues Alex. Philip said that you can count on him. Burt Reynolds was released on bond. I am grateful and believe that with such support we will win!»