Николай Басков пристыдил американского рокера The singer said that he intends to call for Ozzy Osbourne to answer. According to Baskov, cover farewell tour British rocker is a close copy of the poster to show Nicholas called “the Game”. The Russians are going to man to man to talk to a foreign musician.
Николай Басков пристыдил американского рокера

Nikolay Baskov has recorded a video message to British rocker Ozzy Osbourne. In this Russian singer expressed his indignation and announced that I would certainly want to meet with a foreign contractor for the showdown.

“Dear Ozzy, I am very disappointed that you used the idea of the cover of my show “the Game”. Without my permission. I made the cover a year ago, and you used the idea of my promotional poster. And will come with his show to Russia, where I is a well – known artist. Like a king! What’s going on? Think about it, dear Ozzie. I hope we’ll talk about it in Moscow. See you! Bye!”
Николай Басков пристыдил американского рокера

Verify that the Nikolai Baskov presented to the fans new spectacular concert program “the Game”. It is a theatrical performance of the world level, created with the participation of the best specialists. In show of the Russian artist combines singing and choreography, colorful costumes and scenery, pantomime and acrobatics, history and modernity, unique effects and technologies. As stated on the website of the artist, in the capital show Nicholas has collected more than 17 million viewers.

After the Moscow premiere the artist will go on tour in other cities of Russia.

American singer Ozzy Osbourne, in turn, plans to visit Russia in early summer. 1 June in the capital as part of her world tour, the musician will give a large concert. A farewell circumnavigation of the artist will celebrate the 50th anniversary of her musical career.

“People always ask me about retirement. This will be my last world tour, but maybe I’ll give it a couple of shows somewhere,” – said the singer told reporters.