Звезда Интернета предъявил жесткие претензии «мистеру Синтолу» Andrey Afonin Kirill Tereshina suspected of cheating the users of social networks. Says infamous blogger, he supposedly has evidence of the guilt of the blogger from Pyatigorsk. He Tereshin denies the accusations.
Звезда Интернета предъявил жесткие претензии «мистеру Синтолу»

Some time ago, Cyril “Hands-Bazooka” Tereshin took part in the filming vloga Amiran Sardarov “Diary Hacha”. The video with the flamboyant blogger from Pyatigorsk appeared on the YouTube channel of the star online. The young man swept by Sardarova in Moscow and answered his questions.

Suffering from terrible pain, “Mr. Synthol” spoke about the removal of the biceps

We are talking about participation Tereshina in the TV show. The guy did not begin to hide that receives a fee for shooting programs. In one of the episodes of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” made the infamous video blogger Andrey Afonin, who warned of Cyril from the amputation of hands. Between young men there was a skirmish.

“He played to the camera. He is haunted by the glory of Sobolev. Athos had been the first to speak, before the story of Shurygino. Him it wouldn’t work. And Sobolev fired on the subject with Soriginal, when he was called. (…) Perhaps Athos was yelling at you to ranking improved. He’s a normal guy, non-confrontational,” explained sardars behavior of a friend.

Amiran suggested “Mr. Synthol” to talk to his opponent. A blogger called Andrew on FaceTime. Afonin, could not hide his surprise when he saw Tereshina, and explained his negative attitude towards cintolese.

“He popularitywith ****** [nonsense], – said Andrey. – Young boys who are just starting to prove himself in the sport, motivated to fast and poor path decomposition. And he sold the kid that’s oil that’s injected himself. Therefore, I do not welcome. Need to swing in the hall, and not to inject synthol. If he did, and no one called, okay… Amiran if someone gets hurt, then no one will know. Because suffer not the Kirill Tereshin, and the guys that have no subscribers.”
Звезда Интернета предъявил жесткие претензии «мистеру Синтолу»

Sardars noticed Afonin he did PR Tereshina when they took him in a parody. But Andrew doesn’t think so. According to the blogger, he has evidence that “Mr Synthol” was allegedly sold to subscribers the drug to increase muscle.

“I said all this shit, and never have to repeat this, – says Afonin. – First he sold the oil, threw people for money, saying that it’s harmless, and his Bazooka normally grow, and it’s not hurting anyone. He wrote: “do You eat steaks, and I have no dough”.

It should be noted that Cyril very calmly listened to Andrew. After reviewing the allegations of the stars of the Internet, Kirill said that he did not agree with them. According to Tereshina, he was not engaged in the sale of oil, as claimed by Afonin.