Елена Темникова вывела Ольгу Серябкину на чистую воду
The conflict between the women broke out with renewed vigor.

Olga Seryabkina and Elena Temnikova

Photo: Social Networks

Most recently, Olga Seryabkina spoke movingly about how hard she was given the care Elena Temnikova from the group SEREBRO. The soloist has shared his memories and thoughts about the special spiritual connection with a friend. “Today it is important to say what I feel to be honest. We all live in different periods. Now I’m getting a period when I want to meet myself!” she summed up the story of friendship with Elena.

Temnikova, carefully monitoring the publications of Seryabkina was also, like many fans, touched by this recognition. Having met recently ward Maxim Fadeev behind the scenes, social events, Elena was ready once and for all to bury the hatchet with her. But Seryabkina did not answer Temnikova back, and then she collapsed on zakladow friend with criticism online.

“I go to her, smiling. We so rarely see each other. Well, how rare? Do not see, — said Elena during a broadcast in social networks. And I would meet in his address from the Oli such an unpleasant look! I would say that she overacted. I walk and think: do you write posts like you miss and love, and when they met… Why is it so? But I believe it… People, I know how it really is. But I almost believe it. No one even said Hello. Disgusting! Is it so hard to at least say Hello?” Apparently, a long-standing row between the two artists slowly but surely erupted with renewed force. It is not excluded that Seryabkina will not remain silent and will respond to criticism of Temnikova.