Nikolai Tsiskaridze narrowly escaped marrying a fan

Николай Цискаридзе чудом избежал женитьбы на фанатке
Ballet dancer accidentally found out about the upcoming wedding.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze and Maria Shukshina

Photo: the frame of the program “to visit In the morning”

Nikolai Tsiskaridze became the hero of a confusing love story. In conversation with Mary Mokshino in the program “on a visit in the morning,” the actor remembered a funny story when he and his groupies almost sounded March.

Tsiskaridze is practically the only actor, not leading an active life in social networks. On the one hand, a principled refusal to communicate with fans and friends online helps Nicholas keep personal personal. And, on the other, adds a number of problems. For example, some time ago Tsiskaridze met the girl, who said about the readiness to the wedding with him, saying that their affair lasted for quite a long time, you can move on to more decisive action.

So the actor learned that in the social network wound up Linicola that in the virtual world, seducing his fans. Tsiskaridze took a while to convince the girl that she was texting with a liar. “Was that some kind of fake texting on my behalf. Girl who came from another city with the idea that marrying Tsiskaridze… Terribly sorry to have to disappoint her…” — says Nikolay.

Interestingly, about the personal life of Nicholas did not know, even many of his close friends. He prefers to keep secret everything connected with love experiences. “I do not understand the concept of the personal to the public!” — says Nikolay.