Гости не забудут! Меган Маркл нашла, чем удивить всех на закрытой вечеринке
The Duchess has revealed an unexpected talent.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram

About what was happening to the private party that followed
the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, until recently, was virtually nothing
known. After visited there, they were in no hurry to share the details. Now
one of the ladies who wished, however, to remain unknown, told about the bright and
an unexpected moment of celebration.

It turns out that the 36-year-old Markle became a real star
the party not only because she, along with Harry, was the hero of the occasion.
Megan managed to give a very strong impression with his unexpected
performance: it is a very emotional read
all touching verse about his feelings for Harry. But the most interesting thing about this
the history of what turned out to be the author of this “opus” was Megan herself! No one
did not know that the wife of the Prince have a poetic talent. Listening to her, Harry
even wept with emotion when his favorite called their meeting “a blessing”
she confessed she loved him at first sight.

Marriage to Harry was just perfect. However
not everything in her new life is Megan so smoothly. Recently, for example,
it was embarrassing for an important event — the celebration on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its
father-in-law, Prince Charles. The fact that during the official reception held
in the garden of Buckingham Palace, Markle has not behaved appropriately for the newly
Duchess of Sussex. The wife of the Prince showed the language
removing her official court photographers! In fact, Megan had already allowed myself the same trick — when they met in December 2017 Christmas Sandringham. But then
she was just a bride-to-be Harry, not a member of the Royal family.

And if
last time, the Queen reacted to her antics indulgently, now Elizabeth
he was very unhappy. As it became known, monarch, put to the Duchess
his personal Secretary Samantha Cohen,
she “schooled” Megan’s part of the etiquette. Although before the wedding Markle in detail
explained rules of conduct in the Palace, as can be seen, the lessons she had learned not too