Сын погибшего Михаила Круга вырос настоящим красавцем
Fans noted that Alexander is very similar to his father.

Son Of Michael Circle — Alexander

Photo: Social networks

Today the son of Mikhail Krug, Alexander was 16 years old. The wife of the deceased artist — Irina placed for the occasion in a network of a few shots with her beloved son. Many users felt that the boy grew up with a copy of his famous father.

Fans of the singer congratulated Irina with a holiday. “Daddy’s smile. Happy birthday!”, “Very pleasant and well-mannered guy”, “What a bright guy. Let all things work out for him,” “what, dad is very similar, and educated”, “But for me, more on Irina like and her smile. In any case, a beautiful guy,” “a Worthy son of Michael rose. Dad looks down and is proud”, “it’s your father! Happiness” — wrote Irina.

Among other things, on the 16th birthday of Alexander was attended by his girlfriend — a girl named Sandra. Apparently, Irina endorses the choice of his son and is in good relations with potential daughter-in-law. By the way, in the video, published in his widow’s Circle, and got her youngest son, three — year Andrew (born in marriage with Sergei Belousov).