Nikolaev I Proskuryakova remembered how he saved his daughter’s life

Николаев и Проскурякова вспомнили, как спасали жизнь дочери Veronica was born premature. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova put a lot of effort to the girl well grown and developed. According to star parents, the birth of the successor of the very them closer together.

      The daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova Veronica recently celebrated its first birthday. According to dad’s girls, she makes some discovery, evolving and learning something new. The wife of the artist has experienced all the difficulties of motherhood, when the heir was born. Veronica was born early, therefore, in the first months, the parents fought for her life.

      “Veronica was born premature and at first could not cry because of insufficient lung capacity. It was hard for us to see it. She was so tiny and helpless!”, – said Proskuryakov.

      That the child correctly developed, the doctors recommended Julia to breastfeed 8-10 times a day. Besides, we had to carefully monitor her growth and weight. “It was a very anxious and exciting time. But, you know, Veronica was very strong, she struggled, fought for life”, – shared the singer.

      If you are having health problems, Julia calls the pediatrician of Jurmala, which observed a girl after birth. According to the star mother, Veronica is not far behind in development. The last few months, the child actively learns to walk.

      “We have, of course, wonderful girl. She graced our lives filled with meaning. Already can not imagine how they lived before without it. You know, I re-learn it to enjoy everything you see,” – said Proskuryakov.

      We will remind that Igor Nikolaev has a grown daughter Julia, of which 38 years. According to the composer, with the advent of the Veronica he had to re-remember some aspects of parenting. Besides, according to the artist, their marriage with Julia became stronger after they had a baby. “The birth of Veronica even more pull together us. This is the man all United. All of our family, our entire family – and with Julia’s hand, and with my all rallied around this child,” admitted Nikolaev in interview “to TV Program”.