Fans Buzova Tarasov are begging to go back

Поклонники Бузовой умоляют Тарасова вернуться Fans of the star couple are shocked by the news of their possible breakup. They ask for Olga and Dmitri to forget all grudges and reunite. Subscribers TV presenter has launched a large-scale action in the Network. “Dima, come back”, “make your peace with Buzova”, “Olga forgive you”, – these are the hashtags that you put in the comments to posts of a football player.

      Recently it became known about disagreements in the family of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. Apparently, in the moment, lovers spend time apart: some fans of the star couple have even suggested that Olga moved out from my spouse. And when the athlete did rhinoplasty, the leading didn’t come to support her husband. In one of his recent posts Tarasov thanked for the support of his mother and not his wife.

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      Fans Buzova and Tarasova shocked by what happens in the family stars. The number of comments to the posts of celebrities has reached several thousand. “Something unpleasant with it,” “Poor, patience to you,” “dear, everything will be fine. You umnichka, do not read negative posts”, “Olga, I mean Dima . You’re made for each other, in all families there are quarrels”, “now whatever happened, hang in there and be happy”, “I Hope that things improve for you”, “In a relationship anything can happen”, “Olya, what you are experiencing is a temporary difficulties”, “can’t believe it” – these words Buzova support of its members.

      Fans of “tarabuco” has also launched a flash mob to support a few. In the comments to the posts of a football player, they write, “Dima, come back” “make your peace with Buzova”, “Olga will forgive all”, “come to your senses” and put the hashtags and I ask couples to build relationships. “Five years of life do not just throw it away. The more that you suit each other. Take a break. Life happens, maybe just the strip now is so black,” writes one of podeschi Tarasov.

      By the way, recently, Tarasov told reporters that their relationship is not all smooth, but the reasons prefer to remain silent. Dmitry also said that comment on the news of their breakup just after the correspondents will be in contact with Buzova. As for the presenter, she continues to remain silent about what is happening in her family. Recently, the star published a mysterious post, which spoke about betrayal and pain. “You know, the angels once get tired… of promises to keep that you did not have the will, and degrading insults, bitter tears hide behind a smile , tired of waiting in silence, which is tormented by terrible torture,” said celebrity for its followers. Olga Buzova spoke about the pain of betrayal