The inner “Voice”: the fees, personal drama and other secrets of the project

Внутренний «Голос»: гонорары, личные драмы и другие секреты проекта The pupil Dima Bilan Oksana Kazakova survived the death of his son. “StarHit” learned this and other mysteries the participants of the show “the Voice” on “the First channel”. As it turned out, for many young artists, caught in the popular project, have something to hide.

      Внутренний «Голос»: гонорары, личные драмы и другие секреты проекта

      GROW BIG!

      After the TV project “people’s artist” Alexander Panayotov was gone from a field of view to a wide audience. His performance at the blind auditions 32-year-old singer literally blew the hall, forcing him to turn to him all the mentors. Panayotov already known as one of the potential winners of the show and even tipped him to participate in “Eurovision”. Therefore, the management of the artist is not confused and already a little inflated fees for his corporate performances.

      Alexander Panayotov: “Larisa Dolina wondered about my choice of a mentor”

      “We have a pretty tight schedule, says “StarHit” agent Panayotov. – All Fridays in December are busy filming “the Voice,” therefore, from corporate presentations to refuse. But the rest of the day. 40-minute speech Sasha is 600 thousand rubles “under minus” and 700 thousand with live musicians. On new year’s eve we already have proposals, but the date is not busy: output will cost 800 thousand “under minus” and one million musicians. We now can say, like hot cakes, which makes me very happy”.

      By the way, in the future, Alexander will likely continue working with her current mentor. Panayotov is already involved in many activities, “the Production center of Grigory Leps”, and that, according to some, is ready to make it a win-win proposition regardless of the outcome of the project.


      Внутренний «Голос»: гонорары, личные драмы и другие секреты проекта

      Skydiving, spontaneous trip to China, moving to Thailand – Petersburger Polina Kuzovkova never sat on. A few months before “the Voice” 27-year-old singer achieved another top – ascended to the Caucasian Elbrus.

      “During a boom have experienced the whole spectrum of emotions, – shares with “StarHit” Pauline. We went 13 miles, of which about five uphill with heavy backpacks. To the top I literally crawled. Every five meters were installed signal flags – each I did stop. Covered the wild physical fatigue, besides the hellish pressure and lack of oxygen. It was scary. When they reached the peak, I cried, and after a long time to talk.”

      Внутренний «Голос»: гонорары, личные драмы и другие секреты проекта

      The path in the opposite direction was no less complicated. “Forces is zero, the descent down to camp helped me to overcome the friends who have carried me on his hands because, “he sat for a moment in the snow”, I immediately passed out. Someone otpaivala tea from dehydration and fed oatmeal. Because of mountain sickness – gornyashki and nausea for 17 hours of climbing, I never ate stomach ached terribly. But I learned what I can do!”


      Внутренний «Голос»: гонорары, личные драмы и другие секреты проекта

      Year ago 21-year-old Boris Sesera with girlfriend Katya Viktorova Packed up and departed from Kumertau to conquer Moscow. Capital immediately experienced a couple of strength.

      “We left some things at the station, went to see the room, – Boris tells. – Agreed with the owners that we found decent. A few months later, during the new year holidays, we were suddenly put on the street with all their belongings. The argument was one – owner-occupiers had to attach son. And we, the gullible, don’t even have a contract with them. Was a shock! To go to whom, links to get not yet. Sat in the cafe, began to look for a new room. The waiters got into position, allowed to stay until morning. The next day we checked in”.

      The New year Bor and Kate remembered other, more pleasant event. The boys met with one of the mentors of “the Voice”. “We didn’t know where to go on 31 Dec, going to the Park, where a lot of people, fun – continues Sisera. But came across a poster of the concert in the restaurant, where new year’s eve worked Polina Gagarina! Seeing that there are acquaintances, he immediately phoned, they arranged us passage on a party table. And introduced to Polina. Miracles do happen!”


      Внутренний «Голос»: гонорары, личные драмы и другие секреты проекта

      About a year ago to the family of Oksana Kazakova came to grief in the age of 23 drowned, the only son of her husband, the singer had known him for 11 years. The soloist of the group “Assorted” and Director Alexey Filippov signed in 2010.

      “With his son from his first marriage – Sergey – she has developed excellent friendly relations”, – told “StarHit” friends of the couple. August 8, 2015 Sergey swam in the sea and came under the “dead wave” – the strong current immediately swept him into the sea and no amount of effort helped to swim to shore. On 9 August, the birthday of the husband of the singer, he was told that the son died. He never said personal holiday.

      “He is a real man and found the strength, tried to survive the tragedy – continue friends. – Oksana was there to have helped Alexei to handle. A nicer person than her, just no! She loves her husband and to distract, brought from St. Petersburg five of Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Alex began to nurse, to feed, to care.”

      Some time later, Alex wrote to friends post to social media: “Let it will save someone life. Son is fine swimmer, could dive to 8-9 meters, but did not help. Please search the Internet, read about “dead waves” and explain to the families how to escape (the wave can appear anywhere on the coast, pulled into the sea to escape by swimming parallel to the shore about 100 meters and then on land). I knew it, Sergei no, I just hadn’t told him. Do not make my mistakes.” According to friends, the family dreams that in the future their house will be filled with children’s laughter.