Nikita Presnyakov congratulated on the pregnancy of the bride

Никиту Преснякова поздравили с беременностью невесты
The singer commented on the interesting position Alena Krasnova.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova

Photo: Instagram

Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov bride congratulated
the upcoming replenishment in the family. It happened after the singer has published in his microblog a beautiful picture of Alena posing in a dress
the bride and the groom gently embraces her. “Tummy is already visible! — wrote one of
fans Presnyakov. — I wish you happiness!”

“You figure it out first hundred
of interest, and then their confident predictions write, OK?” — immediately laid siege to her artist,
and later added that if Alan and the position, it is only “in the minds of
subscribers.” Indeed, this could see subscribers page
Krasnova, as early as may, the girl published her photos where she is posing
in short tops and swapped a flat stomach.

However, Nikita does not deny that is ready to become
father. He and Alain have long been dreaming of a joint children. “I
want girl and boy! And he dreams about the girl. How many children we have
will, we have not yet thought of. Perhaps, God willing…” — said Krasnov.

While the guys are enjoying a free life. Not so long ago
they went to Prague, where he celebrated the engagement. The wedding will take place on 27
Jul. Now the bride and groom are busy preparing a Grand
wedding celebration. Marriage
pairs, which will be 200 guests, promises to be the main secular
event of the year.