VIDEO: pregnant Serena Williams famously plays tennis

ВИДЕО: беременная Серена Уильямс лихо играет в теннис
The athlete took to the court two months before birth!

Serena Williams

Although Serena Williams is currently already on
the seventh month of pregnancy, the restless, the athlete still does not want
to give pleasure to play on the court. Video evidence that proves it
the impact remains devastating and accurate
Williams published the other day in his microblog.

Not afraid to seem ridiculous, Serena
came to court in tight black t-shirt and cropped leggings of the same color. And
looking at how she deals with the famously invisible to the viewer of the video opponent
it becomes clear that her skill she never lost.

Serena, which is an unprecedented number
times (as many as 23!) became the winner of the whole tournament series a Great
A helmet just can’t live without tennis. Already pregnant, she managed
to win the Australian Open. Although
now she does not participate the competition,
Williams does not miss any important match. Recently, she was spotted with her
fiancé Alex Ohanian in the stands of Roland Garros.

Recall that with it.
got engaged in December of last year. Moreover, on the recent engagement, the tennis player announced
a very original way. She posted in her microblog composed a poem in prose, which roughly translates to the following
follows: “I arrived home quite late. But someone stashed a surprise for me
(in a box). I was waiting for “coach”. She took me to a place where for the first time
we met with a loved one by accident… He got down on one knee and said
four words… I answered Him “Yes”!

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