Stas Yarushin said how much room he needs to store costumes

Стас Ярушин рассказал, сколько комнат ему нужно для хранения костюмов
The actor participated in the show “Improvisation” on TNT.

Stas Yarushin on the set of the show “Improvisation”

Photo: Press service of TNT

Why Stas Yarushin sang, how many rooms he
need to store costumes and one of the series “Univer” he hates more
all? The answers to these questions you will get tonight on TNT.

Show “Improvisation” is so unpredictable that it can occur in all
anything! For example, actors can spin a guest on the Frank recognition
(although originally planned for the money). A couple of revelations this Friday
will make the main major “Uni” Stas Yarushin. After this turn of events Paul Will surprise even
sing, and Sergey Matvienko and Dmitri Pozov will once again play your favorite
people’s fun and will walk barefoot on the floor with mousetraps.

“All projects which are on TNT, not like
each other, so to participate in them is a pleasure, — said Stas
Yarushin. — From the show “Improvisation” I received a lot of positive and healthy excitement,
because you don’t know what you’re in the moment, and that’s exciting.
I was hard in category “Detective” because I was trying to apply logic,
and you do not need. The show has a relaxed and not pretentious
the atmosphere, I loved it!”