Nikita Panfilov quarreled with relatives because of a secret wedding

Никита Панфилов поссорился с родственниками из-за тайной свадьбы The actor became the hero of the program “One day”. Nikita Panfilov told why long told friends and family that have legalized relationship with his beloved. According to men, the celebration was only a formality needed for the wedding.
Никита Панфилов поссорился с родственниками из-за тайной свадьбы

Actor Nikita Panfilov are not accustomed to advertise personal life. The man rarely shares photos with his beloved Ksenia, and refuses to answer questions relating to the status of their relationship. However, for the program “One day” actor made an exception.

Nikita has told that Xenia wedding has already taken place, but it did not know even the closest people. The actor believes marriage registration basic formality. Much more important Panfilov gives the wedding.

“We didn’t tell anyone about the wedding. Neither my parents nor relatives of Susie didn’t know we went to the registry office. Then we all were terribly offended. Personally, I just wanted to get married, but in our country it is impossible without a stamp in the passport. So would they never married,” shared the man.

According to the actor, the wedding was very modest. Fans rushed to congratulate the man with such an important event, noting that his marriage probably influenced by previous bad experience. Recall that Nikita still can’t communicate with ex-wife prohibits him from seeing his son.

Ex-wife Nikita Panfilov made his life hell

Panfilov admits that wants to arrange a meeting with the heir to every day, observe how it grows. However, it does not have such opportunities because of the conflict with the boy’s mother.

“I want my son to live with me, but eventually we see each other very rarely. It is similar to me: same eyes, lips. For two years I can not fully decide the issue of custody, because the court almost always sides with the mother,” – said Panfilov.
Никита Панфилов поссорился с родственниками из-за тайной свадьбы

Since he rarely communicates with his son, each meeting is an occasion for father. He admitted that he loves to talk with the child, to listen to its many questions and help the boy to find the answers.

In the program “Once” Nikita touched on another painful subject. He spoke about the death of his grandfather and how this event has influenced his whole life.

“I was ten years old when he died. Doctors later discovered cancer, metastasis has already spread. The last time I saw my grandfather in the hospital. He was terribly thin, but we still believed that the disease will disappear,” recalled a difficult period of life Nikita.

Fans are sure that difficulties and trials tempered actor. Now he’s incredibly successful and happy in the relationship. Occasionally Panfilov dedicates young wife touching posts on Instagram.