Participant of “Battle of psychics” Sofya Egorova decided on a sudden revelation

Участница «Битвы экстрасенсов» Софья Егорова решилась на внезапное откровение The girl shocked everyone present on the set. Sofya Egorova in detail described the difficult events in the life of a stranger nearby. Fans of the TV show is already tipped as the witch win of the season.

On the TNT channel started eighteenth season of “the Battle of psychics.” Viewers are looking forward to the release of the new series, because this season has assembled a powerful lineup. One of the strongest contenders for a place in the final call Sofia Egorova.

While passing the test in the abandoned hospital she had to find a man hiding in one of the chambers. Her only guide was the tube of blood to this stranger. Sofya Egorova chose to fully apply biological liquid on your hands and face that almost brought her to the goal. The witch came to the right floor, but the room was wrong.

To make amends for the mistake, the psychic decided to disclose the facts from the biographies of some of the people on the set. So, Sophia started talking about the horrible betrayal that overtook a girl named Julia. According to Yegorova, her companion left the family that had later impact on her life and character.

“It’s true. When I was two months old, the mother left me in a dumpster. After I found, was sent to the hospital, and from there to the new family in which I grew up. His own mother never saw” – with tears in the eyes told Julia.

Sophia revealed unpleasant facts from the biography of another member of the test. As it turned out, the girl whose blood the psychic gave at the beginning of the shooting process, for a long time was a drug addict. She did not remain silent about this nasty period and told Egorova about the suicide attempt.

“I just always get the bad men. One of them got me hooked on illegal drugs. Now he is no longer alive. I myself tried to commit suicide, miraculously survived,” – said the girl.

Member of the eighteenth season of “Battle of psychics” were able to impress all present, including Vera Sotnikova. Host of the show even decided to award her victory in the trial despite the fact that the witch chose the wrong door.

Fans also agreed that Yegorova has obvious psychic gifts. “She’s definitely one of the main contenders for victory”, “Very strong girl. While Sonia is my favorite”, “Let’s hope that she then will be able to prove himself as a talented witch,” – shared his opinion of the fans of the show.

However, there were those who condemned the Church for podrazhanie Marilyn Kerro. According to some fans, Egorova too obviously copies the mannerisms of the stars of “Battle of psychics.” But the witch is not making loud statements about a possible victory, because it is still a lot of testing.