Came out of the coma a resident of Nizhny Novgorod region got married and became a father

Вышедший из комы житель Нижегородской области женился и стал отцом When he was unconscious, the doctors gave him no chance. And Alexander not only learned to walk and speak, but found his love and became a father. Recently, the man was born a healthy son.
Вышедший из комы житель Нижегородской области женился и стал отцом

Last year “StarHit” told the story of the struggle for life of 30-year-old man from the village of Savasleyka in the South of the Nizhny Novgorod region. In the fateful evening of 12 January 2009, Sasha was late for the last bus returning from a shift at the Kulebaki metallurgical plant. Scored parents, warned that the night will remain in the city with his older sister Amy – well, not to walk 12 miles in the bitter January frost? Soothing the mother and father went to sleep and in the morning mom got a call from the district hospital: she was told that Sasha is in intensive care in a coma with a traumatic brain injury.

Network love

The offender, who caused the guy’s punch with a bottle in a few months found, he has served 6.5 years and was released. And Sasha, where doctors immediately put an end to this day fighting for a full life. Incredible efforts and thanks to the courage of parents, Tatiana Yegorovna and Sergei Vasilyevich, who devoted himself to Sasha, he was let and not so confidently, but to walk and speak. Every little success of the son of the parents was perceived as a great victory. However, one thought does not give rest: how will it be when they are gone? Of course, there are sister, but she has her own family, and the guy needs not only care, but also social circle. Then Primakov thinking to create in his village home where you could come out with disabilities that their son had friends with similar problems. The house did not work – very expensive, the costs were prohibitive. But events turned an unexpected way.

After seven years of coma guy again and began to walk

In the early summer of last year on Sasha’s page in the “Classmates” accidentally Irina from Kemerovo. Went in and realized that the guy she’s hooked. Decided to send a message, and young men struck up a correspondence. “I even worry about the beginning, recalls today Tatyana Egorovna. – Sasha nights talked with Irina, and I’m worried because of the regime. He’s not only good sleep, but daily exercise, without which his muscles literally castaneum. And what a class in the morning, and the night at the computer spent? I decided to call Ira, communicate with her.”

It turned out, the girl’s mood was very serious and she is ready to come went to savasleika to get acquainted with Sasha, and his family. And the guy by that time was already madly in love. Finally he realized this when the Ira sent him the original video birthday.

“My sister and I walked with a camera along the embankment, calling to passersby to read on line from a quatrain – smiles Irina. – Then wrote on the wing of words, and I, however, have said their wishes. And then, holding a cake with candles, invited him along to blow them out and make a wish that must come true”.

After seeing the movie, Sasha could not resist and began to cry. “I then realized I needed to make sure that personally she’s like pictures and videos,” he says. Before the meeting was worried about you both. “Intuition is my, – Irina continues. – Of course, with my mind I understand that difficulties are inevitable, and the parents were in shock. Friends also discouraged: why do you need? But I took a leave from work and went went to savasleika. And when I got back home, I realized I was pregnant”.

Sasha found out about it, was just in seventh heaven as he dreamed about the baby. “I screamed from happiness, especially when it turned out that we are expecting a boy,” shares Sasha. The question about what we need to get married, not even standing. Wedding of Ira came with her parents and sister. “Close Ira I immediately liked, – says Sasha. Her mother and father very similar to my appearance and in character. At once came the feeling that our people”. They are both teachers and met with a new family, also calmed down about the choice of his daughter. The young wife, however after the maternity leave, came to her husband, who conducted her to the hospital one, and has already met with a newborn Make. “It was the best day of my life” – happily smiling, he says Sasha.

Only forward!

Вышедший из комы житель Нижегородской области женился и стал отцом

Of course, before his son to this world was a lot of excitement: Sasha takes medication, and future parents, as grandparents, worried, will it affect the health of the child. Even if the doctors were assured that the threat to the baby the medicines are not. But fears are in the past, when August 2 this year was born a healthy, strong boy.

“Now I have more incentive to work on yourself, – says Sasha. – Through the love IRE and son I fell in love with life. But became more cautious. When Daniel grows up, will do everything possible to not become a rocker as I. Music listens to what you like, and even hair can go long if you want, but earrings to wear and to dress up as Metalist won’t allow it. If I hadn’t stood out too much outwardly, against the background of ordinary people, I would not be beaten. Well, don’t take we don’t like everything! My son, I like to share don’t want. Let it be a rocker at heart if he’s going to be close. Music will teach him for sure, give a guitar school near here”.

While young making plans for how you will raise the baby, Sasha’s parents do not leave hope that the progress in the restoration of the son will continue. “Not all, unfortunately, depends on our efforts, – says Tatiana Egorovna. – Sasha, of course, well done: I learned to walk without handrails that around the house along the walls for it was built by his father. But with a strong hand tremor and can’t handle. Doctors are present as Sasha find very good: straight text said that as the patient, it is not uninteresting. Like, say thank you that after such a serious injury, the guy’s still alive and can even take care of themselves. But I hope you find a doctor who will be interested by Suscinim this opportunity will help him to get rid of the shake. Son because then there’s just so much to do you can! His hands are strong, muscular, but with fine motor skills trouble. He wants to be a massage therapist and thus earn a living. On one of his pension of the disabled person’s family be impossible to contain almost all the money on drugs leaving. Sasha is now in process of forces supports his father’s business – knits brooms and herbs fills kompowsky, but it is not long enough”.

Well, Sasha makes all that as little different from the healthy peers. He first sought to recover, and now he has a purpose for which it is possible to go at all, he has to raise a son.