Никита Михалков вручил Франко Неро специальный приз
Moscow is hosting the 39th Moscow international film Festival.

Никита Михалков вручил Франко Неро специальный приз

still from the film “the Death of Sheikh”

The opening ceremony 39go the festival , which was held yesterday in the theater “Russia” in
Moscow, gave the audience a lot of surprises and the Prime Minister.

In the final
in the evening on the stage stood the President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov. He announced
the appearance of a special guest this year and his close friend Paul
Maslansky, one of the most famous Hollywood producers, who directed all
part of the famous series “Police Academy”. Together they handed a special
the prize “For contribution to world film industry” actor Franco Nero. Mikhalkov
said that Franco and Paul are old friends, but we talked almost 10 years and
first met at the film festival in Moscow. And United their shared project,
by the way, with Russian roots.

Franco and Gender programme
“Russian trace” will present the film directed by Vlad Kozlov, “the Death of Sheikh”,
where the Floor acted as the producer, and Franco voiced the main character, a legend
of the silent film era and the first sex symbol of Hollywood Rudolph Valentino.

Nikita Mikhalkov and Franco Nero

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS