VIDEO: Alexey Serebryakov, received the princely title

ВИДЕО: Алексей Серебряков получил княжеский титул
Exclusive premiere of the trailer for an epic blockbuster with the actor.

On the screens of the country this year will be a historical
the blockbuster fantasy “the Legend of Kolowrat”, which tells about the events of XIII
century, when Russia was fragmented and that must fall before the Khan of the Golden
The Hordes Of Batu. Destroying cities and flooding the Russian land with the blood of the invaders
meet serious resistance, and only one warrior challenges them.
Ryazan Vityaz yevpaty Kolovrat leads a squad of brave men to take revenge
for his love and for his country. His courage will amaze even the Batu, and his name
will forever remain in people’s memory.

ВИДЕО: Алексей Серебряков получил княжеский титул

Alexey Serebryakov

Photo: courtesy of the press service

“Our story is about the fact that anyone can be a hero
if you believe in it,” says one of the producers of the project dzhanik Fayziev. Main
role in the film played by young actors Maklakov Ilya and Polina Chernyshova, already
known for the TV series “the Quiet don”.

Alexander Ilyin Jr.

Photo: courtesy of the press service

But in the picture credits, enough and more famous
names. New acting transformation will surprise Aleksey Serebryakov, Andrey burkovsky, Timofey Tribunal, Viktor Proskurin. Surprise
awaits fans of Alexander Ilyin Jr., star of TV series “Interns” and
Mysterious passion.” The image of the actor in “Legend of the Kolowrat” so
colorful that it can be recognized only by the characteristic timbre of the voice.