Юлия Волкова раскрыла семейную тайну
Singer all his life concealed the fact that she has a sister.

Julia Volkova

Photo: Instagram

This Saturday in the Studio program “million dollar Secret” on NTV there will come a member of the controversial group “t.A.T.u.” Yulia Volkova. The singer not only can carry an impressive amount of money for their confessions, but also to meet the beloved person, whom I had not seen for many years.

It turns out that Julia is his sister. Volkova whole life hiding this fact from the public. To finally see his famous sister, the girl will specially fly in the air from Germany. The Studio program “the Secret to a million” viewers will witness an incredibly touching meeting native people, separated by distance and circumstances.

Also the ex-soloist of the scandalous group will tell what kind of disease almost jeopardized not only her successful vocal career, but life. Julia will share details of the fight against one of the worst diagnoses and reveals the secret of her missing voice.

Go talk about your personal life. In 32 years, being the mother of two children, a charming and famous girl never married. In the relationship between fathers and children and Yulia there are a lot of nuances. She first decides to tell you why once it selected men now have no contact with her or with your children.