Никита Михалков на «Новой волне» доказал, что полностью здоров

The Director appeared at the festival “New wave” in blue fancy suit, tanned and cheerful.

Before anyone so closely in the face of Nikita hadn’t looked. But 70-year-old Director himself has made us worry about him. Just a couple of months ago Mikhalkov stayed in the hospital with pneumonia, which was first forced to miss the opening of their film festival.

“Nikita had a cold at the economic forum in Saint-Petersburg and is undergoing treatment”, – said at the time.

To ask doctors Nikita Mikhalkov was only able to close the festival. Then he looked slightly pale, but cheerful. And after the Director is no longer seen at social events he is two months did not go.

No wonder everyone was waiting for his appearance in Sochi.

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Feels like favorite Director, did not complications of the disease as a whole his spirits – all excitedly asked reporters Mikhalkov. And he walk across the room almost skipping waved his hand, saying, “I’m doing great”.

Doubt, in fact, no one was not. Looked like Nikita very fresh: tanned, rested, in blue trousers and a fashionable jacket their Python. He took his place on stage and without further ADO began to rehearse.

And when he spoke, everyone forgot his deeds, and listened. He told entertaining stories about each of the upcoming songs, films and filming, filmmakers and the Soviet censorship.

“Nikita, we will let the text on the screen print as a hint,” proposed Directors on the Playground.

“What do you mean, which screen, I will speak as God wills, and now half of the stories I remembered on the go and as they fit well, without a shadow of coquetry said Mikhalkov.