Попалась: Бузова нарисовала пресс и увеличила грудь

Fans suspect that the star gets a little carried away with photoshop.

Leading “House-2” can rightly be called a record-holder for the number of photos in swimwear. She has thousands of them! But curiously, the figure of stars as diverse as her beach wear… abs appear like magic then disappear.

Попалась: Бузова нарисовала пресс и увеличила грудь Olga today…
Попалась: Бузова нарисовала пресс и увеличила грудь …and a couple of days ago

Subscribers have repeatedly hinted that His is photo editor, but now they are sure: new photos of Olga in swimsuit – this is a photoshop of clean water.

Last week the star was second on the set of “House-2” in the Seychelles. Of course, Buzova did not miss the opportunity to swim, sunbathe and plenty of pictures. However, pictures of the stars caused fans not only admiration, but also a lot of questions.

Recently Olga wrote: “Exercise gives to know about itself” – and showed in social networks the press with six dice, and today there is not a trace of it! Is this possible? Moreover, recent photos of the star clearly has Breasts. By these changes the fans just could not get.

“Who is this fat? Where’s the press?” – asked ones.

Many have noticed that on fresh shots bust the star outstanding that the size of the third, no less.

Fans speculated that the metamorphosis of the chest is in principle possible to justify a good push up. But where’s the press? Did she manage to recover?

In disputes, the fans have divided into two camps. Some are inclined to conclude that sporting achievements were just a figment of the imagination Buzova. While others are wondering: it’s not pregnant if Olya? Suddenly she took the example of the masters of disguise Ksenia Sobchak and carefully hides his position? A simple idea that there is a posture in which the press more visible and others less, too uninteresting, so nobody came.