Тряхнула стариной: Лохан выглядит хуже 58-летней Стоун

After parting with the Russian fiancé 30-year-old Hollywood star had a ball, again, eating fast food and forgot about the figure.

How glad we were when the joint was admiring pictures of Lindsay with the Russian millionaire Egor Tarasovym. A couple vacationing together on a yacht, Lohan was happy, fresh, beautiful, smart. But it was the love boat break, as the actress once again took up his… And it is now no tears will not look.

Recall that the discord in the relationship the couple arrived in July. Lohan initially said that caught Yegor treason, then announced her pregnancy, after that the groom beat her… And Yegor in turn, said that the actress stole and vandalized his belongings. Actually the truth in this story is not a dig, but the fact remains that after parting with the Russian businessman Lindsay was significantly weakened.

Тряхнула стариной: Лохан выглядит хуже 58-летней СтоунLindsay Lohan
Тряхнула стариной: Лохан выглядит хуже 58-летней СтоунSharon Stone

The girl immediately began to drink, smoke, eat off, and in just a month and a half from the beauty is not gone.

In social networks, the star locates only a good photo, but the paparazzi managed to catch her out on a Greek island, where now rests a star, and take pictures without embellishment.

And what do we see? Actress belly was no longer flat, and overgrown with fat, on thighs, cellulite, face double chin, hair uncombed and unkempt. Swimsuit 30-year-old actress looks worse than stars who are over 50!

Take Sharon stone, who is 58 years sunbathes in a bikini. She’s so fit! And as our Love assumption to 62, poses in swimsuit. Not tear his eyes from her form.

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The examples are endless, but the fact remains that the actress who was once part of the list of the sexiest stars, has launched and the beach loses much of celebrities older than her twice.

It is time for Lindsey to have to settle down, after all she is only 30, a whole life ahead, you need to pull yourself together before it’s too late.