Любовь Успенская: что делать, чтобы и в 62 года позировать в купальнике

The singer revealed to Woman’s Day some of their beauty secrets.

Yesterday in Sochi took place the opening of the musical contest “New wave”, where among the star guests were seen and Lyubov Uspenskaya. It is no longer miss any social event in that year here in Sochi, for example, presented a new hit together with Phillip Kirkorov. And sang the song together with his daughter Tatiana.

But the creativity of this singer, all have been loved and respected. Now fans of the star are more concerned with another question: what is she doing, what magic spell applies to 62 years to look like that?!

Love assumption can easily put in the Instagram photo in swimsuit or face close-up without makeup, or erotic scenes in a homemade nightgown and no one, no one, the most vocal skeptic won’t quibble. The singer looks amazing, the envy of the young.

Woman’s Day has finally caught the Love Salmanovo in Sochi and asked that everyone cares so long ago: how she manages it:

“So I told you everything,” smiled the assumption. Is actually no secret at all, when a person is happy when he’s in the shower kind, sympathetic, warm-hearted, cheerful, he will never look bad. People are angry, strausee very old. And whatever they are doing will not help them. You need to take care of your inner state, then your beauty and youth would be eternal. There are people who have already finished 20 old, and who have in the 60’s hanging out until morning.

What. And the figure I have is not stupid. Do yoga, my daughter teaches me. Never sit around in the morning running around the village, day do yoga or Vice versa. The day flies by, do not have time to notice. The food is exceptional, I eat cool. It’s hard to say what is not allowed, because sometimes they allow”.