Жасмин рассказала, как сбросила лишний вес после родов

The singer gave birth to a son 4.5 months ago, but this time not appeared in public.

The third pregnancy with Jasmine and her husband, businessman Ilan Shor, was not planned – their youngest daughter had just turned four years old. But when I learned that she was pregnant, he was happy. Despite the fact that the experience of Jasmine is already there, this was tougher: she was constantly tormented by morning sickness, often had mood swings. However, the birth went well, the boy was named Myron, Jasmine plunged into motherhood. But the family was waiting for other tests: in July, the Moldovan law enforcement authorities arrested Ilan on suspicion of fraud. He had to spend in jail for 30 days. Jasmine was extremely worried for her husband. It is clear that in such conditions about any of the concerts could not be considered.

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It first appeared two weeks ago in the children’s “New wave”. The performance of the singer at the senior festival in Sochi were in question, although Jasmine never missed this event. And when she still appeared on stage on the opening day, hall met her more than warmth.

“I came for three days, the first little vacation for four months after the birth of a son, – said the singer to the correspondent to Woman’s Day. — “New wave” contest is so prestigious that it is impossible to miss. I think the son will be forgiven, but their daughter Margaret was very upset that I didn’t take it with you”.

By the way, Jasmine looks the same as before pregnancy. Says that he returned to the sport, fractional eats and does not eat at night. The singer got a taste of a healthy lifestyle that is not going to be satisfied with the results, and wants to lose another few pounds. Now she does step aerobics, swimming, Jogging.