Nikita Kiosse decided to change his profession

Никита Киоссе решил сменить профессию
Party trio MBAND Nikita Kiosse told his fans about the development of a new profession.

Никита Киоссе решил сменить профессию

Soon in theaters you’ll see the new cartoon “Nikita Kozhemyaka”, where the main character was voiced by a young singer.

Никита Киоссе решил сменить профессию

On his page in Instagram Nikita posted a photo from the recording Studio.

“Yesterday in the company of real pros voiced cartoon “Nikita the Tanner” , which already on 27 April to be in theaters) My voice speaks the protagonist of Nikita)”, signed Cisse. Fans of the actor promised to watch the cartoon, in which “voiced Nikita Nikita”.

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