Became known, where it will give birth to Alena Krasnova

Стало известно, где будет рожать Алена Краснова
Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend 19-year-old Alena Krasova actively preparing for the wedding.

Стало известно, где будет рожать Алена Краснова

But how many young girls Alyona discusses with her friends, not only wedding dress but also children. To talk on this subject she refuses and has admitted that he wants the baby because it touches Nikita. Krasnov, even making plans for where to give birth and yet her desires are inclined not in favor of Russia.

But it is. As practice shows, now national stars and just wealthy people prefer to give birth at home, because here they are the stars with the appropriate status, and Russian.

Стало известно, где будет рожать Алена Краснова

Krasnov and thinking about names for kids.

– From men’s names, I like mark, Makar, Savely, Linar, Christopher, Adam. And want my daughter to be called Eva. Although I still like Stephanie, Vivian and MIA – confessed it in his microblog.

So, if we young people are so set on children, it seems that this event is not far off.

It’s funny that the younger brother Nikita Theme prefers to have dinner with his music, and when his father, Vladimir Presnyakov Junior asks if he wants to listen to mom or dad that refuses.

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