Nikita Dzhigurda was going to drive out of the Union of cinematographers of Ukraine

Никиту Джигурду собрались выгнать из Союза кинематографистов Украины

Dark band Nikita Dzhigurda does not end there. The flamboyant actor, who left a wife and who was deprived of citizenship DNR received new troubles. Media reported that a native of the Ukraine are going to expelled from the Union of cinematographers of Ukraine, the involvement in which he is so proud.

Fans Dzhigurda worried about his already precarious mental health, but in the NCCG (National Union of cinematographers of Ukraine) have already made this decision, and the reason I see it in the “anti-Ukrainian statements on Ukraine” and the passport of the DNI. Discussion and final decision regarding the stay of Nikita in such a prestigious for the community will be discussed at the next plenary.
Recall that about getting Nikita passport DNI said he even offered to go to speak on behalf of the Republic at the international music competition Eurovision. However, he said that the NPT – part of Ukraine, and therefore called to rename the DNR in the Donetsk National Republic of the Ukraine. The next day it became known that the head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko ordered to cancel the citizenship Dzhigurda and called the issuing of documents to artist error.