Yegor Konchalovsky again became the father

Егор Кончаловский снова стал отцом

The famous Russian film Director Egor Konchalovsky second time became a father. New sweetheart celebrity Maria Leonova on April 2 bore him a son. The baby was born in one of the elite Moscow clinic, but so far neither the parents nor their representatives will not comment on this event.

Recall that the 51-year-old Yegor is already a grown-up daughter Mary, born in a civil marriage with actress Love Tolkalina. They lived under the same roof for about twenty years, but during that time the Registrar was not reached, despite the General child.
Only in January it became known that the couple broke up, and shortly after the media reported about a new lover Yegor. 32-year-old Maria, a lawyer and far from show business. She works in the legal Department at one of the large channels. They were introduced by the sister of Yegor with which they have been working together for many years. At first she merely represented the interests of Konchalovsky in court, but soon Yegor began to openly court her, to give flowers and expensive gifts. When Mary decided to respond to the feelings of the gentleman, he immediately introduced her to family. Now they live together.