Nikita Dzhigurda caught in the arms of another woman

Никиту Джигурду застукали в объятиях другой женщины The actor gently touched the sultry brunette. Nikita Dzhigurda were overwhelmed with his emotions. He specifically changed his plans to go to a party on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.
Никиту Джигурду застукали в объятиях другой женщины

Nikita Dzhigurda recently officially proved that will soon get a multimillion-dollar inheritance Ludmila Bratash. Document wills recognized as authentic. Now the actor can be considered the ultimate catch. On the eve of the chair has a lot of fun in the company of a gorgeous brunette. He was seen with Donna Moon Venice. The artist decided to tell fans how it feels to be a friend.

“Donna Moon, our relationship is pure, majestic and pure, though I know people who unashamedly wants the moon to get in the bushes”, signed movie out of the chair.

As recognized by the chair, he accidentally fell on the occasion. His plan was to flee the country, but he changed plans because he wanted to be present at the birthday party of a friend.

By the way, earlier it became known that Nikita has developed relationships with Marina Anisina those, the mother of his two children. The couple divorced because they had serious claims against each other. Now, however, Dzhigurda, who managed to settle all the issues related to inheritance, planning a wedding. In early may, celebrates 10 years of their relationship. “When this is all over, and autumn comes, we with Marina will celebrate the wedding!” – confirm out of the chair.

Many believe that Nikita and Marina are perfect for each other, however, according to numerology Clara Kuzenbaeva, because of the peculiarities of the characters of the star will sometimes swear.

“Former spouses will have to work on your characters, which both are not too ready, so it is possible that by marrying a second time, Marina and Nikita again disperse. To call their marriage a harmonious, of course, difficult. Both programs no fours, which suggests that the stars are deprived of that necessary for family life quality as patience. The downside of that is that nobody knows how to cheat and cut corners in acute situations – all the emotions written on their faces. And if I had to swear, then no one will make concessions and will not shut up first, how would wise people,” – said the expert.