Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен» The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Natalia first told how he coped with the betrayal of the first wife of the artist Viktor Koreshkov and betrayal of the second chosen one.
Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен»

Natalia Horohorina became famous after the release of the movie “pirates of the XX century”. The role of the barmaid suddenly made the young artist famous all over the Soviet Union. For her hand and heart fought the most successful actors, but she was faithful to husband Victor Koreshkov, whom she married in student’s years.

Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен»“He’s never seen my eyes when he proposed. The first thought that flashed in my head: “I’m not ready yet”. And the second: “Well, if I fail, then I will hurt him”. But this first thought… Maybe if we wait with the wedding, we could split up. And it would not be so painful to get a divorce then,” said Natalia.
Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен»

It was Viktor Koreshkov caused Horohorina severe pain, he cheated on her with Natalya Georgiyevna Gundareva. The actress said that the famous rival provoked wife during a tour in St. Petersburg, they played one performance, and lived in the same hotel.

“Natasha appeared at the last moment. The Mayakovsky theater went on tour in what was then Leningrad, and there it happened. I remained in Moscow, and I just had a dream last night a dream that a woman, a theatre and he. Some mystical things… he Must me going strong sent: “I’m Sorry that it happened,” recalled the actress.

Horohorina tried to call wife, but he did not come to the phone. Roots soon returned to Moscow, have left things to their parents and to the legitimate wife came to say good-bye. Through mutual friends, the artist found out who cheated on her husband. As admitted Horohorina, Koreshkov was urging her divorce, declaring that Gundareva was pregnant with his child.

Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен»“This, of course, was not true. In short, we got divorced, I haven’t asked anyone about them, I was worried myself… At some point I dialed her phone number. She picked up the phone… And present, Moscow, a huge number of people, she picks up the phone, I am silent, and she said to me: “Natasha”. I again silent, she says: “Breathe deeply”. She was worried, she knew that she had done. The whole theater turned away from Koreshkov. We all perceived as the nice and positive couple. They weren’t together long,” – shared Horohorina.

Soon Gundareva fell in love with a new actor Sergei Nasibov and threw Koreshkov. As admitted Horohorina, she expected such an ending of their relationship.

“Natasha has done a lot of trouble. She was not needed. The important thing is that we broke up, and our life was broken. We’re in the same boat. We never met after their divorce, he understood that I would be hard to communicate with him… so Many years have passed, so many decades and I still hurt. We never met, never crossed paths,” said Natalia.

After a bad breakup with Radicular, as the actress confessed that she could not trust men. Horohorina noticeably thinner, and all the tears cried after work, when walking from the bus stop to home. With gundarevoj it was found only once in the dressing room. Together they starred in the film “Petersburgian mysteries”. Natalia remembered that tried not to pay attention to the opponent.

“It is all sat. So, my behavior was such that she could not stand. When I reached the frame, she told the makeup artist that the Roots was my husband,” said Horohorina.

Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен»

The actress and the doctor accidentally met in the bus. For Vladimir, the actress got married in the early 1990s. two years Later the couple had a daughter Anya.

“Yes, we were from different worlds. On the one hand, how cool that his wife is an actress. When we came to work for him, all the princes looked at me. But… He wanted me sitting at home,” – said the artist.

Vladimir also betrayed Horohorina as first spouse. The man spun a holiday romance, when the actress departed for the next shooting. “I after five days of rest, flew to Odessa, and he remained in Pitsunda, on the sea, where the sand… he’s Got the novel started. When we met in Moscow, he lived in my apartment, but went to the girl on Saturday and Sunday. It’s just the horror was, I loved him so much. Wish he was with me, and he went there… And I suffered, prayed,” shared Horohorina.

Resort fling men did not turn into a serious relationship. He decided to return to lawful wife. In the early 2000s, Natalia Nikolaevna managed to save up for their own homes, before the actress lived in a communal apartment. Since the actress was very busy at work, she asked the spouse to deal with all organizational issues of the purchase of housing. A man together with his mother cleverly tricked Horohorina. They have designed the apartment to the mother-in-law of the artist. And soon Vladimir announced the divorce. Natalia admitted that the thought can’t handle another blow of fate.

Наталья Хорохорина об измене Виктора Корешкова с Гундаревой: «Он ей был не нужен»“How do I live with that? At the time of our bloody divorce, I’ve realized that I can go crazy. At this age to be without a penny. Understood that I can in this state, like any woman, start drinking, walk… And nobody will condemn. But I took myself in hand. Yes, and the small child on hands, was. In the end, I closed the topic about it. Daughter not banned from seeing my father,” summed up Horohorina.