Died the father of Ksenia Borodina

Скончался отец Ксении Бородиной According to representatives of the media, well-known TV presenter has lost a loved one. Kim Amaev died on the 79 th year of life. Itself Ksenia Borodina did not comment on the sad news on social networks. It is known that the star’s parents divorced when she was just a child.
Скончался отец Ксении Бородиной

As it became known to journalists, the father of TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, Kim Amaev died may 14, in the 79th year of life. According to some reports, the man was suffering from a serious ailment. Diagnosis Amoeba not disclosed. It is noted that his condition deteriorated a few months ago, when Amaev lost brother.

It is known that Ksenia Borodina had an uneasy relationship with the biological father. The presenter didn’t talk about it in interviews and published photos of men on Instagram. Parents of the future star divorced when she was very young. Ksenia’s mother Inna bulatovna married businessman and architect Jenny, living in Italy, and went abroad. Borodin was raised by his grandmother and grandfather. When she grew older, she began to spend more time in a different country and made friends with Jenny.

In February last year, Borodin published a photo of his stepfather on Instagram and thanked him for caring. Jenny replaced the star father. After she pointed out the age of majority, she took her mother’s maiden name — Borodin.

Скончался отец Ксении Бородиной“Came my stepfather, Jenny raised me since I was five. Thank you for what you have in my life, thank you for my childhood, for always showing me kindness. There are relatives of the Pope, and there are people like you, who could I replace one of the most important people in my life. You gave me education, I traveled around the world thanks to you, always a warm word from you, never in my life did not raise his voice. Thank you!” — shared the star in the microblog last year.

Edition Super says father Borodina died in Georgia. Some time ago she visited the country with her husband Kurban Omarov. Trip celebrities took place two months before the death of Kim Amoeba.