Nike will play in the lottery sneakers from “Back to the future — 2”

Nike разыграет в лотерее кроссовки из фильма «Назад в будущее — 2»

I’m sure many of us while watching the movie “Back to the future” dreamed of becoming owners of the same sneakers, which was Marty McFly.

Recently, Nike has tried to recreate those same sneakers and has released a product that they did.

Interested buyers Nike decided by lottery, where you will be awarded a pair of shoes from the first batch, in which there are only 89 pairs.

In order to become a participant of the lottery, you must pay 10 dollars. The money involved in the Internet lottery will be directed not to the accounts of Nike, and in the Foundation of Michael J. Fox – the actor who plays the Marty. Note that for many years Michael is struggling with Parkinson’s disease and has been researching this disease. The Fox Fund helps people who also encountered this illness.

The name of the winner will be known on October 17.