Daughter Dana Borisova has ceased to communicate with his father

Дочь Даны Борисовой перестала общаться с отцом

The daughter of a famous TV presenter Dana Borisova Polina, born in the relationship with Maxim Aksenov, stopped all contact with him due to the fact that he’s hurting his mother.
Borisov does not hide. what a long time ex-boyfriend not interested in your child’s life, but now Pauline is not eager to see his father.

“He always calls me, brings to tears, name-calling and nasty words, insults in every way. The child sees and feels. She said to me: “I’m not going to him out, is he hurting you”. I never set the daughter against her father, pushing her to communicate with him, but she has a keen sense of justice when she cries, she rushes to pick up the phone and confront him,” said Dana. On my recent birthday Pauline’s father was not invited – just didn’t want to spoil a holiday with his presence. But father, even though he was wounded, yet gave his daughter a gift in the amount of ten thousand rubles. Naturally, the man decided that the feast he was not invited it was Given, and it vowed to take Polushko the mother.
Maxim Borisova sent a threatening letter in which he called his absence at the feast of the daughter of “extreme point” and promised revenge.
“This clowning, which you did, I’ll remember that. It was an extreme point! Not allowed to hide from me my child, whom you’ve taken for the summer, her birthday! You’re not a mother! Gifts left at the entrance of the Concierge. We’ll talk the same way anymore!” – wrote Aksenov in the SMS message, the former Dana.
Borisov hopes that these childhood traumas will not make them her girls a man-hater and will not affect the choice of a husband in the future.