Demi Lovato interrupted his musical career for a year

Деми Ловато прерывает музыкальную карьеру на год

Singer demi Lovato has decided to devote his time to charity and a year to write a musical career. This statement followed after the scandal with Taylor swift. In an interview with “Glamour” ex-girlfriend Taylor condemned for the ridicule in the video for the song “Bad Blood” Katy Perry.

Деми Ловато прерывает музыкальную карьеру на год
“I think some artists could do much more to defend women’s rights. The truth is, I don’t see anyone on stage with a normal body. We all want to impose a false image forms, which have nothing to do with reality. But many actually starting to think that’s how you should look.. the Song and the clip in which you hurt Katy Perry did not expand women’s opportunities,” said Lovato.

A few hours later, as it became known about the interview, demi told everyone on his page in the social network that goes by the year of music.
“Can’t wait for 2017. Take a break from music and flashes. I don’t fit into the scope of this business and the media” — wrote Lovato on Twitter.
And numerous questions from fans on a chopped Taylor swift loaf,demi replied:
“I asked questions, I answered. Can you take me to court. But do not forget that words could be taken out of context.. I have nothing to apologize for and I’m not going to do that. I don’t understand why people care so much about what I say in an interview. You’re not watching? You have no more problems, nothing to worry more?”.