Nicole Kuznetsova gave a luxury car for birthday

Николь Кузнецовой подарили роскошную иномарку на день рождения Recently, the star of “the battle of psychics,” said 32-year anniversary. The celebration was held with family and friends. They gathered in one of the meat restaurants in the capital. Unexpected gift for the clairvoyant was a small car, decorated with balloons.
Николь Кузнецовой подарили роскошную иномарку на день рождения

The star of “the battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova prazdnovali birthday in late August. Psychic gathered at the ceremony family and friends. In the morning Nicole congratulated sons, giving her the drawings, and in the evening the whole family went to a steak restaurant. At one table gathered native Nicole and colleagues who also have psychic abilities.

The main gift for Nicole was a small car. Psychic admitted that she would have chosen another car.

“Always look in the direction of the family car format. But perhaps only now, when the sons grew up and became my assistants, my eyes were opened. Almost immediately I fell in love with the car, realizing that this almost cosmic baby made for me personally! Those who created this miracle of design and technology, DNA recorded with the same sense of beauty that I do,” he told Nicole “StarHit”.

The car was decorated with balloons that Nicole ceremoniously released into the sky. All wished the birthday girl happy, and she advised to be careful on the roads. Nicole herself says that within one month after the day of birth of a person can be in danger. Kuznetsov recently underwent another operation. Says the white witch, the medical intervention she needs in order not to die from hypoxia. A woman breathes through a tracheostomy tube and said in a whisper, but it does not prevent her to work with people.

“I can’t return the voice, because it never happened. Little girl in the sandbox, a schoolgirl and a student I have always said in this weird voice. Again with a whisper, I worked, opened a business and even get married. Believe me, the miracle will not happen”, – told the psychic on the personal page in a social network.

Nicole notes that after the birth of her improved magical abilities. “I can see even things that are hidden at other times. Answering questions from customers, look into their future and have the opportunity to influence events. So after a holiday for me comes a responsible and intense time. If someone was planning to contact me with a problem that seems unsolvable, try to do it right now, will get a special chance,” – said Kuznetsov.