The Englishman William Cheney turned the last years of the life of a cancer patient wife in the tale

Англичанин Уильям Чейни превратил последние годы жизни больной раком супруги в сказку A foreigner married Catherine Roseway from Voronezh, despite the doctors ‘ verdict. The couple traveled a lot, as the man wanted to show beloved the world. They visited Scotland, France, Turkey, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Greece, the Philippines, Seychelles, Caribbean and the Maldives.
Англичанин Уильям Чейни превратил последние годы жизни больной раком супруги в сказку

“I want to swim in the ocean,” asked Katia, my wife, It was their last trip to the Maldives in July this year. Kate was weak, almost did not go, little to eat. Painkillers did not help. William has fulfilled the wish of his wife – brought water and helped to get in a rubber ring. “The sea was warm and calm. My Princess felt like she was floating on the waves, as in weightlessness, remembers Cheney. – Katya said it was an amazing feeling. She had covered shoulders, I was warned: be careful, you can get burnt. But she made it clear – it doesn’t matter…” after six days, Katie did not.

Love at first sight

William arrived in Moscow 14 years ago. First taught language at MGIMO, and after, led the firm father in the Stavropol region. “Dad from the 90s leads the agri-business with Russia, says will. – I fell in love with your country! Returned to England and entered the agronomist in the prestigious Harper Adams University”. After graduation, the Englishman posted a summary, and a few days later, he was invited for an interview.

“So, in November 2011, I arrived in Voronezh. Planned for a couple of days to see the farm, the city, the conditions of work. Went to the office, I was greeted by Kate. She worked as an assistant, interpreter of Director General. I fell in love at first sight, has signed a contract, not even asked about the salary. Wanted one every day to see her smile, to hear the voice.”

William had made her more than a year. Once invited on a date, but she came with a friend. “We talked, says will. I helped Katusha to improve English, and she – Russian. The fans always gave her bouquets of roses. I wanted to surprise you. One day, after the holiday, Kate admitted, that with pleasure once again would try the cake that she was served in Portugal. Decided to make her happy. It was just we in England, the Portuguese have a shop, they sell blanks. I bought and baked a cake for the beloved. She was ecstatic!” The girl appreciated the gifts of will, but feelings are not shared.

In spite of everything

In spring 2012 she did not come to work. It turned out, secretly from everyone, except my sister Masha, she went to the Blokhin cancer center in Moscow – the doctors suspected she had cancer of the Appendix. On hearing this, William supported her as best he could – wrote the messages conveyed to hospital flowers. “In 2007, she removed the appendicitis, says will. – It was a benign tumor. Exactly five years later, the pain returned. The survey showed that in the abdominal cavity develops cancer, the stage is one of the last”.

After a complicated surgery, the girl was discharged, the doctor said that they have done everything possible, but with this disease you can not live more than five years. In the summer of emaciated Kate returned to Voronezh. She refused to apply for disability and went to work.

“When I saw beloved, could not help but admire her positive attitude – continues Cheney. – Kate met with friends, spent time with my nephew Stepan. To me belonged only as a friend. In late August I broke down and directly into the stairwell fell in love. Everything turned out somehow boyish. Katyusha smiled and killer said, “You’re a good friend”.
Англичанин Уильям Чейни превратил последние годы жизни больной раком супруги в сказку

Failure didn’t stop William. He bought a coffee machine and every morning preparing her adorable cappuccino. Make surprises and gifts. Such courtship did not go unnoticed. All friends and colleagues of Katie advised her to pay attention to the cute Englishman. “In March 2013 – says the will, she invited me to celebrate carnival. Seeing winter we’ve finished celebrating in the restaurant in the circle of her friends. Next week is already called Kate to go kart racing. Then hung out at the club. For the first time there she suddenly kissed me. I was in seventh heaven. Knew about the diagnosis, love me honestly, all told, but that didn’t stop me”.

In June, they scheduled my first vacation in Santorini. “That summer, Kate was the most beautiful and desirable, says William. It seemed as though the disease has receded and the appetite came. Back in Voronezh, began to prepare for the trip to the Caribbean and started to design a British visa. I wanted to introduce a favorite with the family. Now I think that Kate lived through these trips. She thought over the routes, studied the kitchen, bought the outfits, arranged photo shoots”.

The lovers flew abroad four or five times a year. Good seasonal work allowed. “Christmas is traditionally met in Norfolk with my parents. By the time we got mom always cooked the Turkey and pudding… 27 Dec 2013 after England went to Barbados. In the sea raised huge waves, and we ran away from them, I hugged Kate, kissed her curly hair, almond eyes and knew that he was ready to give everything, if only this girl was always with you.” Then they went to the island of Saint Lucia, there on the beach William staged a romantic dinner, after which knelt down, and offered to Catherine the ring of the grandmother, made an offer and heard in response the coveted “Yes”.

Italian wedding

Англичанин Уильям Чейни превратил последние годы жизни больной раком супруги в сказку

They played a beautiful wedding on the island of Sardinia. “After the ceremony, a downpour started, we hid under a canopy. I looked at her and didn’t even believe that I had the good fortune to be her husband. Yes, I knew that at any moment the team may not be. But it is better to have loved and lost, than to never experience this feeling”.

After the wedding, Kate moved from her parents in a rented apartment will. She tried to enjoy life. Was hoping that conquering the feelings of a husband to save. Together they traveled to Scotland, France, Turkey, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Greece, the Philippines, the Maldives, the Seychelles, the Caribbean…

Англичанин Уильям Чейни превратил последние годы жизни больной раком супруги в сказку“All the money spent on travel, says William. – I could buy a house, an expensive car, but realized that much more important to show my wife the world, to give vivid memories”. Every three months, Kate has sent the test results to the Moscow Oncology center. In response to receiving a stable condition. Two years ago, came first a poor prognosis: tumor began to grow rapidly. Will treated in foreign clinics, but all were denied: “the Doctor said that the beloved can die on the operating table, no one could take that risk”.
Англичанин Уильям Чейни превратил последние годы жизни больной раком супруги в сказку

At the end of this spring, Kate has experienced a lot of stress: he left the life of her friend Luba, she had the same diagnosis. Catherine is closed. “I’m next,” whispered she loved. Began to fade with each day – lost weight, felt weak, dizzy. Husband wore it on his hands, tried to fulfill every wish. From a recent trip to the Maldives the couple returned on July 24. “I understand that she wants to leave me. Discreetly and quietly,” admits William… 29 Jul dream heart Katie stopped. She was 36 years old. “Katyusha taught me to appreciate what is here and now. Four times a week I go to workout, work a lot. In the evening, turn on the computer and see all these happy pictures”.