Николь Кидман заставила мужа страдать от ревности
The actress felt avenged.

Николь Кидман заставила мужа страдать от ревности

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban

Marriage Nicole Kidman and Keith urban, who played the wedding in 2006
from the beginning it happened that the husband of the actress only did what felt
her patience. And she’d forgive him the affair, And finally, come feast on
its the street. As it became known, kit goes mad with jealousy, he learns that his wife
will soon begin shooting a new movie, a busy bed
scenes. But not with just anybody but with Colin Farrell!

As told to Nicole one of her friends, urban out reading sent her the script of the film “the Killing of the sacred deer.” My husband discovered that the heroes will have much time to passionately make love! Keith said bluntly wife: he is opposed to it
starred in this movie. But Nicole, usually so docile, suddenly
stubborn and refused to listen to him.

Incidentally, in the past Keith had allowed himself to Express disapproval at the
about overly Frank, from his point of view, scenes with his wife.
So, a couple of years ago, on the premiere of the film “Before I sleep”, he gave
wife jealous But then it was about a relatively innocent episodes. Besides
, partner Nicole was the other Colin — Colin Firth, a devoted family man. But Farrell is another matter. He has a reputation of a womanizer: he had Affairs on the set!

The scandal has not helped Urbano to keep your wife from intentions
good for Killing a sacred deer.” It seems that Kidman decided, finally,
to avenge all wrongs. Paparazzi in recent years
razv watched her husband in the company
young beauties. And recently, he refused to cancel his concert and made Nicole
sad alone on the day of the 10-year anniversary of their wedding.

Nicole Kidman in “Before I sleep” with Colin Firth

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