Lyubov Tolkalina rescued a stray kitten

Любовь Толкалина спасла бездомных котят
The actress found the animal shelter in the monastery.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: Natalia Kharitonova

This year Lyubov Tolkalina travels a lot. Most
travel actress associated with filming in new projects and tours with
performances. Besides, Love always took care that her daughter received
a good education, and decided to give Masha to the summer English language school
recently, together with her went to London. And while the daughter studied her stellar mother visited museums and
dostoprimechatelnosti the British capital.

“Absolutely amazing it is to jump from world to world, as
the little humpbacked horse from the boiler in the boiler — from London to Yaroslavl, to turn a trick and then
teleport to a favorite with all my heart Voronezh for playing the play”, —
the actress shared experiences from trips. In Voronezh Tolkalina along with
Does Marjanovi a full house played the “Unreal show,
Love was pleasantly surprised by the fact that summer in this city the audience
enjoys going to the theatre.

On tours in Voronezh Lyubov Tolkalina has done a good
case: regretted kittens that someone threw out on the street near the hotel. At night they squeaked loudly and did not allow the actress to sleep. “I had to go on
the street and take them to his bed, wrote Love. — Now they are delivered and will live at ease and in love
I hope the Divnogorsky male monastery of the cave, in the precious protected, remote
from the world, the abode that the chalk hills on the road from Voronezh to the South, with the blessing of the father hieromonk Alexy Sukachev.

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