Михаил Турецкий впервые побывал на девичнике

The birthday girl didn’t want a big celebration in Moscow and went to Italy, where he shared the holiday with a small circle of friends and relatives.

A party in honor of the birthday took place in Forte dei Marma. It is here that every year Turkish family likes to spend the hot season.

The entire cultural program Liana took into their own hands, determined to make a real beach party, having thought over every detail – from high quality music performed by Italian DJ and before a holiday decoration into a unified style.

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According to Vines, was planned bachelorette party, which was attended by all her friends from different points of the globe. The first to congratulate the birthday of her lovely daughter, who prepared the Vines for a whole series of surprises and creative gifts. But the biggest surprise was the arrival of Michael, who at this moment was to be on tour.

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“I have come to terms with its difficult schedule and constant traveling. But Mike never ceases to amaze me! I Wake up in the morning with the idea to drink a Cup of coffee before starting a busy day, and I see… a husband who already went on the market and prepared a festive Breakfast. It’s an incredible feeling!” – shared the vine.

“Mike first appeared on the bachelorette party. And he like this format very much. Next year his anniversary is may decide to adopt the format of the celebrations”, – he added with a smile to the birthday girl.

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