Nicole Kidman gave her husband a telescope

Николь Кидман подарила мужу телескоп
The rumors about the breakup of Nicole and Keith urban turned out to be wrong.

Nicolekidman, and Keith urban


Nicole Kidman and Keith urban for the first time appeared together in public, and denied in a joint interview the rumors about his divorce. Spread the rumor that the actress and the musician parted, and not even trying to see each other, the Australian edition of Woman’s Day. Nicole and Keith do a few months in a row not seen together, but as the wife explained this is due only to the fact that country singer is touring with his musicians in America, and Nicole is busy filming a new movie.

As said by Keith urban, video with Nicole every day to call back and he never goes on stage to the audience without talking with your favorite. And last week, the pair was reunited at his home in Tennessee to celebrate 49th anniversary Urbana. Nicole told me that I gave my husband a telescope, and their daughters tent for nights under the open sky. And they are on the same night I decided to put up a tent in your garden, but closer to the night the girls were tired, they were cold and asked my parents to get back together in the house. Keith noted that I had a wonderful time with all your “girls” and it was “the best birthday in his life.”