Natalia Bardo told how it changed the child’s birth

Наталья Бардо рассказала, как ее изменило рождение ребенка The actress explained that she felt becoming a mother. According to star, this event has given her confidence, as well as the woman gained a surge of strength and willingness to work hard. Natasha Bardot attentive to the heir and spends a lot of time with him.

      About four months ago 28-year-old actress Natalia Bardo gave the Director Marius Weisberg the son. The boy was born in a clinic in the United States. Parents don’t want to advertise such a joyous event, so the fans of the stars only later learned that the couple had an heir. “Marius Jr. is growing on me a replacement, girls Khan” – described son Weisberg.

      Natasha Bardot could not sit long without a job, so after the birth of the boy immediately began to lose weight. She went to workout and adhere to a special diet. According to the young woman, she was pleased with the result achieved. Besides, according to the former participant “Houses-2” it has changed dramatically, becoming a mother.

      “The birth of a child really going to benefit any woman. I became more confident, stopped to reflect on some topics, I became less care about someone else’s opinion, I like the way I look. Had a feeling that I was doing everything correctly. Yes, and the game became different, I can feel it. There’s some kind of depth that was not there before. Now I want to work and work every day, that I have not had a moment free,” said the actress.

      Despite a tight schedule, Bardo spends a lot of time with my son. The woman believes that he is a clever boy. So far it is not yet five months old, so basically he spends most of his time in sleep. Unlike other moms, Natasha does not support the view that the child should sleep near parents. “I can’t sleep if he fidgets, so our son sleeps in a separate room. We all have our own area in the apartment. He also has his space, he’s the chief,” – said Bardo.

      Actress help take care of the boy all relatives: parents, mother-in-law, husband. When Natasha and Marius are gone, the baby is also looked after by the nanny. However, in some areas the education of his son Bardo relies only on himself. “I know when my child is worried about something, and know what to do with it,” said a young mother, talking to reporters, “OK!”.