14-year-old participant of “Dancing” for the show and left the school

14-летняя участница «Танцев» ради шоу ушла из школы

The little dancer project Alexander Kiselyov told Woman’s Day about how managed to get on the show, although his rules participants must be over 16 years old, and what she has to sacrifice for his dreams.

Last week became known the names of the 20 lucky ones that were in the team of the mentors of the project “Dancing” on TNT. Most doubt was caused by the candidacy of 14-year-old Muscovite Sasha Kiseleva. The fact that the project participants must be over 16 years old. Below this age, children are not allowed even to the auditions. The girl managed to break through and show all their skills mentors. When Miguel announced Kiseleva, that she was in his team, he added: “From this moment, children have not in the project”. Now he can fight along with other members, without discounts for age.

“Like all children, first I went to some club that was close to home, and the beginning of your story about yourself Alexander. It was the “death spiral”, I was 7 years old. I danced there for 4 years. I was the lead singer, went with them on tour but then decided I needed to change something in your life. Because in “Todes” special development no, it only give base. And I went to the casting show “Big dance”, where he met with Lika Stich. She danced VOG and I got. Face I gave a lot of, what I speak, how I move – it’s all because of her. And of course, my mom. My mother was very kind and talented.

So, the most important thing in life is desire. I just sat on the couch and wanted to get into “Dancing”. I really tried. Precasting wouldn’t let me. Then I sent the application for the competition organized by the school “PROТанцы”, “Surprise us with their dance”, the winner of which wins a trip to summer camp school. To be honest, I sent it and forgot, flew to Sochi on “Kinotavr”, where he presented the film “Good boy”, in which I appeared in a cameo role. Played a classmate of the protagonist. So, back after the festival, drop in to his page “Vkontakte”, and I’m overwhelmed with congratulations. I didn’t even understand what was happening. I think I may have the date of birth is not the same? Turns out I won the contest. I was very happy, flew to Sochi to camp, met Miguel, he had been on his workshops. In the end, Miguel had to highlight four of which will admit to the auditions in the third season of “Dancing.” And I was among them.”

And here is Sasha in the project. However, it was not without casualties. For the sake of “Dancing” Kiseleva had to temporarily stop attending school and go for home schooling.

“The project I’m supposed to be 24 hours a day, in the school to appear not possible. So my parents decided to switch to this format of learning. And that is not easy! Sometimes, I need to do some homework, and I just physically can’t fall asleep, want to sleep. Only after the project to learn hard, take tutoring, study books. But now I try to support their mental data, textbooks not lay. I’m not a student, but study well. But if the parents didn’t support me, I wouldn’t be here now was not would give you an interview.

But classmates reacted funny. Before the project they had a strange attitude towards me. But as they saw me on TV, so suddenly rushed to write: “Sasha, you’re so cool”. I was a bit surprised by this.

But star fever I do not fear. To me it just isn’t typical. I am very self-critical. Even now acted like everything was fine, but I do not like. In General, I try to anybody not to look back. You know, there is a saying: “Find a world-wide foothold, to no you couldn’t prevent”. I this point found and kept her. I’m sure everything will be fine”.

Dance: Alexandra Kiseleva (Michael Sims-Road of Dreams (Swan Lake Remix)) (season 3, episode 9) from Dancing on Rutube.