Nick Gordon: Bobbi Kristina has become a drug addict after his mother’s death”

Ник Гордон: «Бобби Кристина стала наркоманкой после смерти матери»

Tomorrow the civil husband of the only daughter of Whitney Houston Bobbi Kristina brown, who died nine months ago, will be released the first interview with Dr. Phil, in which Nick Gordon will tell the unknown facts from the life of his beloved and how he lived all this time.

In the teaser interview, Nick says that after Whitney’s death her daughter went into a tailspin, and no one managed to talk some sense into her.
“The things Bobby has deteriorated markedly, and when she died, Nippi (obviously, as Nick called Whitney Houston, to educate him as his own – approx. Ed.) she began to take drugs. Unfortunately, at that time it was the only way to numb the pain” — said Gordon, who, we recall, is the only and Prime suspect. Kristina’s relatives are sure that he killed her, then tried to simulate an accident.
The girl was found lifeless in the bathroom. She was lying immersed in water and showed no signs of life. The doctors managed to bring her back from the dead, however briefly – after being in a coma six months later, she died. Christina’s family accused the husband of the girl in her murder and demand 10 million dollars, and lawyers Gordon insists that he saved her and did what he could in the circumstances.
“I could not accept what happened with Chrissy. It broke me. Probably for me it was the lowest point, the bottom. I needed help, and I am grateful that helped me” — said Nick.

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