Donald trump wants to kick some celebrities from the country

Дональд Трамп хочет выгнать некоторых знаменитостей из страны

If Donald trump will become President of the United States, the country will lose a few celebrities that because of the odious politician will change their place of residence.

First in the list who are willing to escape from the “States” in case of victory trump, Lena Dunham and Whoopi Goldberg.

The stars once spoke of a dictatorial policy, which is trump and threatened that if the voters will still make him President, they will have to seek another residence. “I know a lot of people who are going to do the same as me. For example, I could live in Vancouver and work from there”, says Dunham.

Goldberg, in turn, noted that they are ready to move forward. Fortunately, she has the opportunity. “I was always an American, this is my country,” says the movie star. – We always had the opportunity to discuss. Now trump turns everything into something completely different,” said Whoopi, when Donald discussed the emigration of Mexicans and Muslims in “the States”.

As it turned out, trump is not easily frightened. Learning about the intentions of some celebrities, a spokesman for the Republicans said that he was indifferent to the fate of minor actress (here he was referring to Dunham) which has no charisma.

“Now I just have to win, because the same way I would do a great service to our country. Now it is much more important. In fact, I’m ready to start campaigning right now. By the way, we need to move away from Rosie O’donnell. Oh, how I like it”, — summed up the politician.

Note that after the above-mentioned celebrities to live in a country under the presidency of trump refuse cher, Eddie Griffin, Barry Diller, Jon Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson.

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