Amy Schumer told of a time when she almost died

Эми Шумер рассказала о случае, когда она чуть не погибла

The star of the Hollywood Comedy Amy Schumer, who used to live on the positive and smiling, told about the incident, after which she was not amused.

As Schumer confessed, she could not survive, because the higher powers are grateful that everything worked out.

The situation was as follows: during your training at school, she was surfing, which almost cost her her life.

“My leg still has a scar pretty impressive size from riding on the Board. I then put the seam 41 and three layers. I’m terribly scared for myself, because the fin of the surf Board is almost fully inserted into my leg. Then surfing I did one (it was winter), there was no one around, because I was counting only on themselves. I had to remove the fin. I did, and then on the Bank has already appealed for help to some man on the beach. I told him something like this: “I need you to hold my leg.” And he pressed the wound with their bare hands. It seemed that there comes out the fat together with blood.”

Fortunately, Amy was able to avoid blood poisoning, if you consider the conditions in which the injury and now the actress is alive and well.


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