Media: “the Prince was killed by AIDS”

СМИ: «Принса убил СПИД»

The death of the Prince at the age of 57 was a shock to his fans and colleagues, but close friends of the artist claim that the singer was ready to die, because I knew he had AIDS, and he not long to live.

As reported by the National Enquirer, citing insiders, about his deadly disease Prince told friends 19 APR.
“Even then he was in bad shape. He was constantly dizzy, the tests were bad, the temperature dropped to 34.4 degrees, and it was dangerous. The body was emaciated, very weak and often disoriented. He rarely ate because he had no appetite, often he was vomiting” — said a source close to the actor.
Walgreens employee working for the Prince, announced that the club where the singer came shortly before his death, visitors saw in what a bad shape he said they would pray about his health.
Practically under Mr. singer said, “If you prayed for me a year ago, now it’d be different. But thanks anyway, don’t waste your prayers.”
This same worker said that the singer often bought drugs at a pharmacy near his home in Paisley Park.
“The day before he became ill, we felt that he was in trouble. One girl said that Prince accepts foreign drugs from the virus-Con or something like that, but my friend sure it’s the HIV medications.. I can’t say that he treated us like his family, but he was always interested in our Affairs, very sorry for him” — said the source and added that the relatives of the Prince insisted that the coroner did not dare to spread information on the causes of death in the media, “not to hurt the family, friends and fans.”
Recall that the singer did not leave a will. And here the question arises: if he knew about the impending demise, why not take care of their last wishes? Or maybe he thought that death will come to him so suddenly. Most likely, the sole heir to the 300-million fortune of the singer will be his sister.

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